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Courses. – you can take online courses for free with amazing teachers.. the new university. Think about the difference between this and the university of 30 years ago – imagine how we will be working in another 30 years,


DS 5 Technology: function follows form.

DS 19

function follows formLe-Duc Oxford only

Important guidance from your technology tutor – click link above for full original signed pdf text with further reading

DS5/TS/OB…… or if only it could be advanced as the DS23… (for further reading see Rolande Barthes ‘Mythologies’.. don’t worry it’s not long and is very cool !)

Remember all technical decisions are in the end aesthetic decisions .. no discussion , that’s a fact !

Remember function follows form and do not believe anyone who tells you otherwise .

Remember the beautiful words of le-Duc as follows, did you ever think the search for the truth had anything to do with your studies ?  I bet it doesn’t appear as a measurable learning outcome!

‘In architecture there are two ways of being must be true according to the (ADVANCED) programme and true to (ADVANCED) methods of construction. To be true according to the programme is to fulfil exactly and simply the conditions of need; to be true according to the methods of construction is to employ the materials according to their qualities and properties…purely artistic questions of symmetry and apparent (ADVANCED) form are only secondary conditions in the presence of our dominant principals.’

Eugene Viollet- le- Duc: Entretiens sur L’architecture. 1863-72

Glass gym floor lights up to show markings for different sports Wired UK

Glass gym floor lights up to show markings for different sports Wired UK

A glass sports floor at a school in Germany uses hidden LEDs to switch between court markings at the touch of a button.The ASB Glassfloor by ASB Systembau GMBH aids concentration by only showing the floor markings for the sport being played but the company are also planning to expand the technology to include light-up training programmes and advertising capabilities.The floor is constructed from panels made from two glass sheets similar to car windscreens. These panels sit atop an aluminium frame which also contains the LED channels which describe a variety of sport floor markings. Etching to the surface reduces reflections which would otherwise be distracting while ceramic dots burnt into the top panel provide grip.

via Glass gym floor lights up to show markings for different sports Wired UK.

Goodbye Oscar Niemeyer!

The Last Modernist…
E.D.T., December 6, 2012

A Tribute to…

The Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer has died on Wednesday, December 5th, 2012 at the age of 104. He designed much (more than 600 works around the world) works of the country’s futuristic capital Brasilia. The Brazilian icon, who won architecture’s top award, the Pritzker Prize, in 1988, started his career in the 1930s and went on working well into the 21st century, after turning 10 leaves a considerable work the most known jewels(flagships) of which are the national Congress of Brazil, the Cathedral of Brasilia and the Museum of contemporary art of Niteroi, near Rio.

Architectural journey…

If you look through the projects listed on this page you will be inspired. My favorite is the french communist party HQ in Paris.

EGODESIGN.CA The first canadian webzine dedicated to global design.

David Cameron announces £50m facelift for Old Street roundabout Wired UK


Hmm – they seem to be copying a few of you.. anyone fancy the site? it’s a good one..


David Cameron has announced that the Government will put £50 million towards a project to regenerate Old Street roundabout through the creation of a large indoor “civic space” dedicated to startups.The new building will comprise classrooms, a 400-seat auditorium, co-working spaces and workshops equipped with machinery such as 3D printers to be used by startups and the wider community. The venue will employ between 15 and 20 core staff and have capacity to train 10,000 students in coding and enterprise. Brands need not worry about the loss of the illustriious roundabout billboard space as the whole of the exterior structure will become a screen for advertising. Cameron believes that it is representative of his strategy to “equip the UK to compete and thrive” in the global race.

via David Cameron announces £50m facelift for Old Street roundabout Wired UK.

CROSS CRITS – Your Digital Portfolio: Toby’s technical guidelines

Really useful technical guidance on compiling your digital portfolio

Digital Portfolios Technical Guidelines

to download templates, refer to:


Board Meeting Videos

I’ll be adding the DS5 presentation videos here as I encode them, it’s a long process but I’m getting there:


aaron from DS5 on Vimeo.

dave 1 from DS5 on Vimeo.

nigel from DS5 on Vimeo.

Something to listen to while you work

Start the Week; Art and Design with Antony Gormley, Ron Arad, Christopher Frayling and Sarah Teasley, chaired by Andrew Marr.

something particular in this conversation for each of you….

and this for Toby Shark

Lecture: 21st and 28th Nov 2012 – Main Hall

For the next two weeks it is my pleasure to introduce Charlotte Bovis from Amanda Levete Architects to talk to you about Rhino and Grasshopper. Charlotte graduated from Oxford Brookes and went on to study at the RCA. She has worked for Future Systems and is currently working with AL_A :

The format will be a lecture on Wednesday 21st / 28th at 11am in the Main Hall, then Charlotte will be available in the design studios for a limited time for questions.

Tuesday Board Meeting Info

Schedule Tuesday 20th November:


CHANGE OF VENUE – Third Floor space 3 – (library end with link bridge – working screen provided)


10:30am                                               Board meeting: Leader Ronnie Maclellan CEO.


11:00am                                               Client presentations: 5 minute presentation of current work + 15 minutes discussion. You will be video recorded.


Presenting:                                         Aaron, Hilda, Nigel, Ross, David

Internal Review Panel:                  Tom Gr, Kate, Tom P, Kartic, TS + RM
Audience/notes:                              Antonio, Clare, molly, Peter




Presenting:                                         Tom Gr, Kate, Tom P, Kartic

Internal Review Panel:                  Antonio, Clare, molly, Peter, TS + RM

Audience/notes:                              Aaron, Hilda, Nigel, Ross, David




Presenting:                                         Antonio, Clare, molly, Peter

Internal Review Panel:                  Aaron, Hilda, Nigel, Ross, David

Audience/notes:                              Tom Gr, Kate, Tom P, Kartic


This is your chance to get feedback about your ideas and work from your work colleagues – please use this opportunity to your fellow office workers expand their ideas through critical feedback. If your advice is not constructive and critical, the company will fail and you’ll all be out of a job. It is in your best interests to contribute. You will be video recorded and your performance assessed by the CEO and Director.

STEPHEN MELVILLE LECTURE TOMORROW (thursday 9am 3rd floor student hub)

Guys – we think you should attend tomorrow’s free lecture at 9am in the student hub – Stephen Melville is a structural engineer on the cutting edge of design. Please attend!

Tutorials Tomorrow

11:00 – Kartik introduction to prototyping

11:30 Kate, Kartik and Seb

12:30 Ross, Tom and Antonio

13:30 Lunch

14:00 Clare, Nigel and Josh

15:00 James, Molly and Aaron

16:00 Hilda, David, Tom and Peter

See you all at 11am followed by small group tutorials



Site Visit and Associated Documents

please download the pdf here: Document 12 05112012 5 main project

Until this point we have been concentrating on an individual office – but now we must consider the office building as a system of connected workers. Individual and communal spaces connected by seen and unseen networks.

Lebbeus Woods, R.I.P.

Detail from

Lebbeus Woods, visionary architect of imaginary worlds, dies in New York

Architects including Zaha Hadid and Nigel Coates pay tribute to Lebbeus Woods, the cult building designer who dreamed up fantastical structures from a parallel universe


DS5 CPD part 3

Weekly CPD session – Session 3 Week 4 –
Presentation date: 9/10/2012


Find a book about office working/spaces and write a short synopsis picking out key points. Your book should be about office space/environments/psychology/design rather than a “coffee table” image book.

Notes: Choose your book carefully.
Notes: Your research will be public
Notes: Upload your review to your blog
Notes: Note the time.

Submission format: link via email to
Deadline: Tuesday Week 4 11am (16/10/2012)


Please comment below with your chosen book

Drawing Spaces

Sarah Wigglesworth and Jeremy Till

Watch this space.

Sarah Wigglesworth and Jeremy Till